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GamePack : Absinthe Minded

Introducing our first Gamepack!

Absinthe Minded gives the player 150 additional questions all about alcoholic drinks! In addition to these questions, we're giving the owners of this GamePack 2 new mini games and 2 new characters.

New minigames!

  • Beer-Burglar
  • Keg-Hoppers

Sign-up reward!

Obtain your reward by signing up!

If you sign up now, you'll receive an additional 250 questions for free & Games that you host have access to the mini-game : Would You Rather In addition to these gifts you'll also get access to another 2 characters to select for your playthrough

Sign up and receive!

  • Would you Rather
  • 2 Free Characters


Besides all the questions we've made, this game also has a fair amount of mini-games. If you want to learn more about them, click the button below.

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For your own Safety, and our good conscience we urge you to drink responsibly. Please read the rules and play this game in a safe environment


Do you need our help with a problem in game? Have you discovered a bug, or did something go wrong with an order? You can contact us through an option below.


We've made the assets used in this game ourselves, but we have used some awesome images and icons from various sources, you can find the credit-page below!